Slack Business & Engineering Workflows

Slack logo.png+ Cprime Business & Engineering Workflows Package

Need your Slack workflows configured with your connected applications?

Leverage Cprime's consulting team to provide reporting on usage and efficacy of the workflows, and to with a Slack Delivery Manager to ensure exceptional access and continuity.

Workflow Package includes:

Creating and/or enhancing specific engineering workflows based on an understanding of the current state and objectives.

  • Example: Incident starts in Slack, gets routed through Jira Service Desk, Power Scripts™for Jira routes based on priority and request type, alert goes through Pagerduty, and Pagerduty sends it back into Slack.

  • Example: Engineering triggers a build within Gitlab, Jira status and Productboard status update, those updates notify the cross-functional team in Slack.

  • Example: Jira health monitoring within Slack. 


  • 10-15 hours per workflow, $200 per hour. $6,000 minimum.

  • 3 hours per workflow of Slack DM effort.