DevOps Accelerator Package
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Slack logo.png+ Cprime DevOps Accelerator Package

FACT: Automation is the key to accelerating delivery. 

FICTION: Your team has available bandwidth to build the automation that will accelerate your delivery. 

From 2 months to 2 minutes, we help you achieve the power of cloud-native automation with our DevOps Accelerator.

Step 1: DevOps Skills Assessment 

Our quick, team-based skills assessments and code reviews uncover strengths and weaknesses amongst your teams.

Step 2: Elite DevOps Out of the Box

This is a preconfigured virtual environment and immersive learning accelerator that allows you to solve previously unsolvable delivery problems.

Step 3: Hands-on, Interactive Live Learning

Day to day, practical up-skilling that shifts behaviors, builds skills and transforms results, mindset and cultures of teams.

DevOps Accelerator Outcomes: 

  • Tangible results that solve your automation challenges and transform your teams.
  • Improved internal competence in advanced DevOps tooling.
  • Inarguable business case development for DevOps investment.
  • An automation pipeline that is scalable, predictable and deployable.
  • Access to an 'elite DevOps' toolchain that can solve some of your intractable problems.
  • DORA 4 key metrics - 'DONE'.